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Term 6

Wonderful Story Writing at Home


The Trip to Dover Castle!

By Antony Jones


Dad was having a very, important meeting in the south of the UK. Dad called mum and said, guess what, I am going to the Dover castle dad said. Not long after dad got home and told the all about the trip, we are going to dover and we are going to the castle. That sounds remarkably interesting and went to bed. When the children got up in the morning the trip began. The children got bord and had nothing to do, so mum had an idea. If you have nothing to do, you can visit the Queen at the castle when we get there. They got to the castle; they were very shocked. It looked very, very, old. They saw the queen and looked incredibly pleased. She said to the child, dad and mum, how nice to visit today. Well do you know that we come from England? No, I do not, hello. Thank you, dad, said, how are you today? Good thank you, what about you? I am ok. That is nice to hear, well they searched for the stairs and went up them and came to the top. When they got to the top, they were so high they could see their house. It is so nice to see the house up here and we can see Felix. Felix meowed at us and wanted some bisects. So, the trip ended and then we went home. Mum said Antony, what said mum. I am hungry, your always hungry said mum. So, when they got home Antony got his tee. Its nearly bedtime, so Antony went to bed. The morning came along, and the trip carried on. They went back to the castle, but there was no Queen, so, they went back home for lunch. After lunch they went back to the castle and still no Queen. So, they went around the whole castle and the Queen was eating her lunch. She looked at them and said, how nice to come back to my castle? Well said dad it is a long story, said dad. Well its nice to hear that it is a long story, said the Queen. So, they all went down the stairs and got to the frown room. When they got there, there is some news I am going to shut the castle for 1 year. That is not good said Antony. Well if that is what happens, that is what happens, said the Queen. They went home and did not come back to the castle for 1 year. Well just for visits.