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The code today for reading and SPAG for LBQ is:




The next step in our voyage into algebra today. We'll be learning about forming expressions. Remember to be resilient - give it a go! Watch the video and then try the work afterwards. Use the answers to see how you did at the end.

Year 6 - Week 7 - Lesson 2 - Forming expressions


Another activity from the virtual Science Jamboree today Year 6. An investigation into balancing cans. Watch the video below and have a think about how it is done.

Can Challenge I

The East Kent Science Jamboree 2020

Once you've watched the first video and had a think about how it happens, watch the second video here:

The Can Challenge Part II

The East Kent Science Jamboree

So, you now have another little investigation to carry out. How little water can you put into a can to make it balance and what is the maximum you can add before it falls? Perhaps you are wondering how this works! To understand it you must learn about a scientific idea called ‘Centre of Gravity’. Do that in the following video and see two more amazing balancing acts.

The Can Trick Part III

The East Kent Science Jamboree 2020

Have a look online and see what other balancing tricks you can find. I'd love to see some pictures - please do send them to me when you're done!