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Year 1 - Lighthouse Class

Home Learning due to School Closure


Dear parents, 

I hope you and your children are doing well. Below is a copy of the weekly home learning timetable. This should be used as a guide so that your child receives the best possible home learning experience. I will send you a new copy if I need to make alterations.
Please note that Joe Wicks will not be posting new 'PE with Joe' videos till the second week of term. Until then, please watch an old 'PE with Joe' video during the times outlined on the timetable.  
The resources for the other lessons will be uploaded onto the school website ('Term 3' of the 'Year One' page). Each day, the relevant resources for that day's learning will be posted in this section before 8:30am. 
I am aware that a lot of families do not have enough computer devices to share or a printer. Therefore, I will be preparing lessons which should not require any printing. Most of the time, you will just need paper, a pencil and a computer device to watch a power point or video.
The lessons that I prepare for the children who are learning from home will be the same lessons that the Year 1 Key Worker children will be completing at school. Every day, I will be leading two online Zoom video call meetings. Both children at home and at school will be joining the same meetings. Therefore, twice a day all the Year 1 children will get to see each other. 
Every school day, there will be a Phonics Zoom Meeting at 9:30. In this meeting, I will be completing a register to monitor who is engaging with home learning; I will discuss with the children how they are feeling and I will do a Phonics Input. 
Every school day, there will be a Show and Tell Zoom Meeting at 14:15. In this meeting, I will be completing another register to monitor who is engaging with home learning; I will discuss with the children how they feel about their learning (answering questions and explaining when necessary) and we will have Show and Tell (an opportunity for the children to explain what they have been doing or to demonstrate something). 
In order for me to assess your child's learning, I will need you to regularly email me photos of their work. I will reply to your emails with praise and guidance for your child. I will also praise your child during zoom meetings for work that I have seen. 
Rules need to be followed during Zoom meetings in order to keep everyone safe. The rules are as follows:
1. A parent or carer for each child must be present and visible during the meeting. 
2. Your video should be on so that I can monitor who is watching the meeting. 
3. Recording or screenshots of the meeting are not allowed. 
4. All participants should be wearing appropriate clothing.
5. All partisicpants should be in an appropriate setting such as a family room and not a child's bedroom or bathroom.
Please feel free to email whenever you have a question, concern or something to share. I will always try to reply as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and I look forward to seeing the year one class tomorrow. 


Kind regards,
Mr Elks
Year One Teacher
St Richard's Catholic Primary School,
Castle Avenue, Dover, Kent. CT16 1EZ
01304 201118



     Lighthouse Class (2020-2021)