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Thursday 25th February 2021

Good Morning


I hope everyone is well this morning. Let me know if you need anything.


See you at 9:30am.


Mrs Bennett

9:00 - 9:30 - Phonics - ti


Look through the PowerPoint at the ti (sh) grapheme. Read the ti (sh) words. This is a high-frequency grapheme. - I can't upload this again as it is too big so I shall show it on the zoom call. 


Watch the flashcards video.


Watch the ‘Commotion at the Station’ video. Tricky Witch has spilt a ti potion on the train, which has caused a commotion at the station and no trains are in motion. Listen to the appeal sung by a famous pop star for Tricky Witch to reverse the potion. Make the Tricky Witch (wave a pretend wand) action every time you  hear a ti (sh) word. Can you remember all of the ti (sh) words in the song?


Look at the activity. Help Tricky Witch to reverse the potion by making a spell using as many ti words as possible. Write the ti words in colour-code on the spell sheet. If possible, use metallic gold. 

ti (sh) flash cards

Commotion at the Station

This is "Commotion at the Station" by MonsterPhonics on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

9:30 - 10:00 - Morning Registration and Input

(see zoom link in email)

10:00 - 10:30 - English - Writing


Learning Objective: To experience the impact of a windy day. 


Watch the opening scene of 'The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore' and the tornado in 'The Wizard of Oz'. 



The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.mp4

Still image for this video

The Wizard of Oz.mp4

Still image for this video

What is the wind like? What words would you use to describe it?


Now watch these videos of wild weather and funny wind videos. 

The windiest place on planet Earth | Wild Weather with Richard Hammond - BBC One

Subscribe and 🔔 to OFFICIAL BBC YouTube 👉 original BBC programmes FIRST on BBC iPlayer 👉 Hammon...

Dog wind.mp4

Still image for this video

wind blowing people.mp4

Still image for this video

Have you got a hat you could put on and see if you can get it blown off? Do you have a fan? Is it windy outside today? What happens to the hat when the wind blows?


Draw a picture of a hat being blown off someone. 

Mans Hat Blown Off by Acela Express

Watch the wind from the train blow the man's hat off

10:45 - 11:15 - Celebration Assembly with Miss Kleinman

(see zoom link in email)

11:15 - 12:15 - Maths - count sides on a 2D shape.
Starter: Choose addition or subtraction questions to solve. 
Learning Objective: To be able to count the side on 2D shapes. 

Spr2.7.3 - Count sides on 2D shapes

This is "Spr2.7.3 - Count sides on 2D shapes" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

1:20 - 2:15 - RE


Learning Objective: To know the different parts of Mass. 


Remember that another word for the Mass is the Eucharist.  This word means thanksgiving.  The Mass has four parts:


1          We gather

2          We listen

3          We give thanks

4          We go out


1.  WE GATHER: (Church’s Story 2 pages 6-9).

We gather together with others in our parish family.  We gather to give God praise and thanks. Everyone is welcomed.  Talk briefly about what is happening in the picture.

2.  WE LISTEN: (Use Church’s Story 2 pages 10-13).  We listen carefully and give thanks as God speaks to us through His Word in Scripture.  Talk briefly about what is happening in the pictures.


3.  WE GIVE THANKS: (Use Church’s Story 2 pages 40-43).  During this part of the Mass, we give thanks to God as the priest says the same words as Jesus did at the Last Supper.  We call this the ‘Eucharistic Prayer.’  Show the pictures on pages 40 and 41.  Read the text together.  Display pages 42 and 43 and talk about the pictures.

4.  WE GO OUT: (Use Church’s Story 2 page 16).  The priest sends us out in peace to spread God’s love to everyone.




  1. Why does the parish family gather at Mass?
  2. What do the parish family listen to at Mass?
  3. When does the priest use the same words that Jesus did at the Last Supper?
  4. How could the parish family spread God’s love to everyone?
  • Sequence in pictures the parts of the Mass. Write a sentence under each picture to describe what is happening in each part.

You can use the pictures below or draw your own. 

2:15 - 2:45 - Afternoon Registration and Story

(see zoom link in email)

2:45 - 3:00 - Handwriting


Today's letter is the letter 'v'. 

Learn to Write the Letter V | Pre-cursive Letter Formation

Learn to Write the Letter V | Pre-cursive Letter FormationThis video shows and explains the pre-cursive letter formation for the letter v. Cursive handwritin...