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Friday 5th


It's the last day of remote learning!

We're all so excited to see you all back at school next week. If you have any questions about returning to school, please email Miss Hunt or call the school office.


Please upload your work to EExAT.

Our zoom link has been emailed to you on Sunday evening and is the same link as always.

See you at 9am for phonics and 1:45pm for RE with Mrs Good! 


Today's work is as follows!



Recapping letter sounds: Please recap your letter sounds and actions every day.

You can use the videos below to help you.

Monster Phonics Pure Speech Sounds:

Phase 3 Tricky Word Song:


Daily Zoom session: 

Trick words: my, her, into, you. Brief er recap. Tricky word games with Mrs Good. Then we will be writing and reading our new tricky words.


Follow-up activity: 

Play Tricky Word Trucks game on Phonics Play- All Phase 3. (Free login)



Try writing our new tricky words in a sentence: my, her, your, into.

Use your sound mat and your tricky word cards to help if you need to.


Fine Motor Skills:

Challenge: Lego! Build something using lego or other small part activity. 



Please read with your child every day!


We have set up an Oxford Owl E-Book Account for our class- please find the login details and information letter for Oxford Owl in the email sent on Sunday evening. You have been sent your child's group name too.


Fish group: LILAC band books + Phonics Play Comics

Shark Group: PINK band books.

Dolphin Group: PINK band then onto RED for further challenge.


Optional: Teach Your Monster to Read Game.

Our Log in link:



Please follow this link and watch Session 5: Numbers to 10 Bingo

Session 5 Activity: Numbers to 10 Bingo


Please upload 1 post to EExAT for this Maths activity. If you have multiple photographs, combine them into a photo collage, using the link above or a smartphone app. 


Afternoon Activities:

  • RE zoom with Mrs Good
  • Purple Mash 2Do’s:

My fish tank: art.

Ordering fish numbers.

Mashcam roleplay- Fisherman.

Friday 5th Resources:
You can also still access world book day resources on our World Book Day 2021 page below.