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Welcome back to another Term of Home Learning! 


Hopefully we won't be in lockdown much longer and you can all come to school again. Let's keep praying that we can do that, I miss you all lots.


This term we are learning about Journeys. We will be thinking about the journeys our belongings have to make to get to us and our place in the world. We will also be looking at the journeys of people, specifically refugees. 


If you don't know what a refugee is, then that's okay. You will learn over the next few weeks. 


Our book this term is 'The Boy at the Back of the Class' by Onjali Q Rauf. Lots of you asked your grown ups to get you the book last term, this is a fabulous idea so if we don't get to finish it in class, you can read it at home. It's also easier reading from a book than from a screen! 

I want to discuss this book with you today in our zoom lesson, so today's timetable is slightly different from normal. This is what we will be doing today: 


9am- Maths

10am- Zoom (Say hello, catch-up and discuss our new text)

10:30am- Break

11am- English Work

12pm- TTRS

12:15pm- Lunch

1:15pm- P.E. and free reading time

2:45pm- Afternoon Zoom 




Okay... stay calm. We're doing fractions. 



Hey- I said stay calm! It's okay. Fractions aren't so tricky once you get your head around them, I promise. 


We are going to re-cap a lot of learning you have already done as it's been a long time since you practiced fractions. Today we are dipping our toes in gently by learning about what fractions are. Not so scary, see! 

What is a fraction

If you do not print your sheets out, number 2 and 5 are tricky to do directly into your book, so don't worry about writing them down. Think about where you would put the answers, but I don't mind if you leave writing that down. 


Remember to mark your answers once you have completed the work! 

Morning Zoom- 10am


Meeting Code: 724 757 6561



Imagine you had to leave home to go to a new country. Draw the five most important things you would take.
Write a sentence saying why you would take each one.



TTRS! I cannot explain how important your times tables skills are for this topic. In order to understand fractions, you need to have quick times tables skills at your fingertips. Get practicing!! 



Have a go at the videos below. Get that blood pumping! 

Thor Workout

Yoga Class

Free Reading


If you have some time before our zoom, I would like you to have some 'Free Reading' time. This can be anything you want to read! Maybe you have a book you just can't wait to get into- read that! Do you like comic books? Read those! 


I really like reading about the news and learning new facts. I thought I'd make a list of websites you might like to visit to read some interesting things!


Click on any of the links below to visit the website: 


Dogo News- Different stories about the world and Science

First News Positivity Place- Positive, feel good stories from around the globe

Inside Science- Reliable Science stories and news

Space Scoop- News about all things SPACE!

Twinkl NewsRoom- Child friendly news stories with activities attached

CBBC Newsround- Daily news show with different articles




Afternoon Meeting- 2:45pm


Meeting Code: 724 757 6561