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Happy Thursday Year 6. What a brilliant start you all made yesterday to our online learning - you were fantastic in our afternoon Zoom session, and worked very hard - well done. 

Today's timetable looks like this:

These are suggested times (apart from the Zoom lessons), so fit your learning in when works best for you and your family.


Morning Zoom session

Meeting ID: 915 9697 6162
Passcode: year6


Afternoon Zoom session

Meeting ID: 962 2388 8089
Passcode: year6


Yesterday you started thinking about how you are going to trap and capture Frankenstein's monster. I was incredibly impressed with the ingenuity of some of your designs - well done.


Today we are going to plan the sequence of our instructions. Have a look at this information:




Today, I would like you to plan the sequence for catching the monster using a flow diagram. You will need to think about the order in which things need to happen (don't make it too complicated) and the equipment you will need to make your plan successful. This is my flow diagram:




Write the short date (07/01/21) in your home learning book. Then have a go at this arithmetic:

Arithmetic answers

Watch the White Rose video on adding mixed numbers. You can pause it as you are watching to have a go at joining in with the activities. When you get to the end, have a go at the work in your home learning book. You will need to have the worksheet open on a device in front of you and then do your working out and answering in the book. Once you have completed the task, you can use the answer sheet to mark your work before an adult emails me a picture of it. Good luck - and remember to email me if you have any questions.

Aut6.10.3 - Add mixed numbers


Log on to LBQ and have a go at the comprehension exercise. The code today is:

Remember to use your full name (including surname) and your own chosen passcode to log in.

Afternoon lesson - Geography

Today we will be learning about tourism in the Alps and trying to answer the question: is it a good thing? Have a look at the PowerPoint, and read the information carefully. Your tasks today are on the PowerPoint:


Task 1: List the positives and negatives of tourism in the Alps

Task 2: Write a short discussion paragraph answering the question,

Is tourism good for the Alps?