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Science Zoom with Mrs. Martin- 9 am


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Password is the same as the one we use for my zooms!


This term our science topic is Living things


Comparing the gestation period of different mammals


Today we are learning –


·        To know the time between egg fertilisation and giving birth is called the gestation period.

·        To be able to compare gestation periods for different mammals and identify patterns.


We will discuss the attached PowerPoint during our zoom session. 


Activity (Slide 5 and 6) Remember presentation is important – use a ruler and sharp pencil

Slide 9 on the PowerPoint gives you an idea of what your work should look like.


Extra Activity

The video on the platypus is fascinating!


It has been a long term and you have continued to grow your science minds. I am extremely proud of you all – Super Science Stars! Enjoy the half term break and I look forward to seeing you next term.

Mrs Martin


English lesson via Zoom- 10 am


Meeting Code: 724 757 6561

English Task


If you'd like to do your work on the computer, you can use the word document. 

Celebration Assembly- 11:10 am


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The password has been emailed to parents.



Today I would like you to do an assessment! This is to check how you are getting on with your learning. This is not a test- there are no prizes for getting 100% and no punishments for getting 0. 


This is just to help me understand how you are learning. Please, please be honest and don't use a calculator or peek at the answers. 


Once you have finished, mark your work and give yourself a mark. 



I am setting the P.E. challenges for today as we will be doing art tomorrow as part of our 'screen free day'!



Afternoon Zoom Meeting- 2:45 pm


Meeting Code: 724 757 6561