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Term 5

Queen Elizabeth II


Is The Queen worthy of a Perfect Platinum Party?



Due to a very busy Term 4, Year 2 will be continuing their learning all about Queen Elizabeth II and her Platinum Jubilee celebrations throughout Term 5.


Our learning journey will include analysing a timeline of her life, understanding her role within her many responsibilities and looking at her impact upon society today. 


Within our writing, we will be using a timeline of her life to identify key events that have taken place over the past 70 years. We will then use this to carry out further research and find out all about her before summarising our new knowledge in a biography all about Queen Elizabeth II!


The skills we learn in our reading sessions will also help us with our research and so we will be reading everything we can lay our hands on about Queen Elizabeth Ii!


In maths, our learning journey will include concepts such as fractions, measurement & length and position & direction. We will also be polishing our reasoning and problem solving skills using all 4 of the main operations in daily quizzes!


We are really looking forward to this term and can't wait to get started - after all, we have a Perfect Platinum Party to prepare for!