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Term 6

Dragons' Den


Year 6 have been put through their paces trying to secure money in Dragons' Den style pitches. In groups they have pitched an idea to the school to raise money for their Leavers' Party.

The children prepared presentations including costings, profit and some groups even created a jingle for their product.

Four groups were chosen and they are now going to go ahead and launch their idea. The winners included 'Stress Balls, Slime and a Football/Basketball competition to be run at break and lunch times.

All of the children spoke very well in front on the Dragons. Well done Year 6!

What do we do with our buddies?

As year 6, we play with our buddies. On a Friday afternoon we go down to year R and we play with them for 15-20 minutes. We do many fun activities with them such as playing football outside in the sun. We draw, go outside and dress up with them. Sometimes we go in the hall to play with the parachutes.

On Friday 29th June, us year sixes set up a mini sports day for them and provided a drink for them. There were events that day such as the Space Hoppers, Speed bounce, Hula-hoops and much more! During that day, we had a shout-out where we would ask them a question and they would shout out a response as loud as they could.   

Written by Eva and Kacper

Career Talks

Border Force

Border force was a great opportunity for the year 6’s to learn about our borders. We were taught that Border Force is a law enforcement command within the Home Office. He taught us about prohibited items such as drugs, guns and more. He also taught us about us about fake passports and how to recognise ones. We used UV scanners to detect fake passports.

Written by Harvey M and Adrian


On 29th June a Border Force Higher Officer came in to our class and told us all about his job. He also was kind enough to let us look at his gear which he has to wear all day and it also is quite heavy on a hot summers day.     

Written by Jastin and Radek




Kent Police Visit

On the 12th June 2018 year 6 had a visit from Kent police. We were talked to them about what skills you need to have acquired. They also told us how you get a job. Xavier also got to try on all the riot equipment! They told us that they always have to tell the truth. Jozef was put in hand cuffs. The talk was very interesting.

Written by Xavier and Cameron

Police visit

On the 12th of July 2018 we had a visit from a police man. He told us all about what he does as the police. He also asked us what we wanted to do when we are older. After, he showed us all of his equipment that he has to wear and use whilst he is working

What did he use?

He used: handcuffs (he used them on Jozef!) baton, body armour and a helmet.

Written by Ruby and Mia

P&O Ferry Career Talk


 P&O ferries was a great opportunity for the year 6’s to learn more about jobs on and off ferries. Here are some careers we learnt about…

  • Captain-who is in charge of the ship.
  • Deck Officers-work with the Captain on the bridge to navigate the ship
  • Quarter Master-steers the ship
  • Bosun-loads the ship
  • Chief Engineer-is in charge of the engine room
  • Motorman-fixes the engine and puts fuel in the ship (bunkering)
  • On board services team-look after all the passenger areas including restaurants, foreign exchange and shops.


Written by Aleesia and Neve

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