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Good morning Year 6. How are you all this morning? I know some of you might have looked at the website yesterday - if you did, there is a new maths task below. I haven't put new English as many of you have not yet had a look at Monday's work. Have a look at it here - but use the LBQ code below to access the LBQ tasks.


Today's code for LBQ to do SPAG and Reading is:


Emily and Austeja - you already did these tasks yesterday, so instead of LBQ today please could you do some quizzing on Accelerated Reader (the address is on the Class page) and some TTRS instead.


See lesson and resources from Monday


Watch the mini lesson below, then have a go at the work below in your exercise book. You can use the answers once you're done to check your work.

Year 6 - Week 3 - Lesson 2 - Compare and order fractions


A different type of optical illusion art today - we will be creating something like this:










Start by drawing a curved line across the paper with a Sharpie marker or black felt tip.  Think rolling hill… not roller coaster!













Add 8 dots across the line.

They should be different lengths apart.

You need a dot close to the edges of your paper.










Start connecting the dots with bumps.

The lines from the dots close to the edge will go off the edge of the paper to an imaginary dot.


The lines will eventually go off the top and bottom of the paper like this:







Fill the whole paper.


Pick a group of colours you feel work well together (2 or 3).

Using pencil crayons, fill in the spaces. Press harder in the corners. As you get near the top of each bump, press lighter and lighter.


Continue until the work is complete.