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Thursday 25th

Happy Thursday!

We hope you've had a good week so far! If you need any support or a chat, we are always here to help.


Thanks to everyone who has been sending their work to Miss Hunt via EExAT so far this week. Remeber to limit to one post per subject/ task. I recommend if you're using a computer, and PicCollage (free version) if you're using your phone.


Our zoom link was sent to you by email on Sunday evening.

See you at 9am and 1:45pm! heart



Recapping letter sounds: Please recap your letter sounds and actions every day.

You can use the videos below to help you.

Monster Phonics Pure Speech Sounds:

Phase 3 Tricky Word Song:

This week's sound: ‘oa’ song video:


Daily Zoom session: This week's sound is 'oa'. Today we will be reading some 'oa' word flashcards and playing an 'oa' I spy game. The children will write down the 'oa' words we spy onto their whiteboards together with Miss Hunt. We will then learn the tricky word into.


Follow-up activity: Play Buried Treasure Blending Game on Phonics Play- choose phase 3 > +oa. (Free log in.)



Watch this episode of AlphaBlocks: Series 3: Toad.

Can you match the words in the episode to your flashcards as you watch it?

Writing a sentence: Toad eats it all. Sound this out using your sound mat and tricky word mat.

Parents, please don't correct spelling- we want their writing to match their spoken sounds, using the children's existing phonics knowledge. 'Eats' will probably be spelled 'ee-t-s' as ee is the only long e sound the children have been taught so far.

Please upload an image of your child's writing to EExAT (the tracker) for Miss Hunt to see! 

How much support did they need to hear each sound? Did they use the sound mat to help? Could they use it independently? Could they find the correct tricky word from a mat/ their flashcards?


Alternative writing:

If your child is not yet at the sentence writing stage, they can write 2 or 3 keywords related to the video using the 'oa' sound in their exercise book, for example, goat, toad, goal, etc. Encourage use of sound mat.

If this is also too challenging, your child can practice writing their name with your support- this is the gateway to writing with confidence!


Pre-writing patterns are attached at the bottom of this page in resources to copy as an additional task if your child struggles with pencil control.


Fine Motor Skills: 

Challenge: Elastic Bands.

Playing with elastic bands is great to build hand strength. Try wrapping, stretching, and unwrapping.


Please read with your child every day!


We have set up an Oxford Owl E-Book Account for our class- please find the login details and information letter for Oxford Owl in the email sent on Sunday evening. You have been sent your child's group name too.


Fish group: Phase 2 Set 1- Splat

Shark Group: Phase 2 Set 2- The Fishing Trip

Dolphin Group: Phase 2 Set 3- Tin Cat


Optional: Teach Your Monster to Read Game.

Our Log in link:



Please follow this link and watch Session 4: Measuring Height

Session 3 Activity: Measuring Height


Please upload a photograph of practical or exercise book work to EExAT for Miss Hunt to see!

Remember to include a specific caption about if support was needed and what with.


Afternoon Activities:

Animal Fact-Finding:

  • Revisit your Under the Sea detective research from Tuesday.
  • Find a way to present what you found out about your sea creature; this could be via making a poster, or a video of you showing us what you found out. You could fill a few pages in your exercise book, and your adult can help you by writing down what you tell them.
  • 6 children each day will quickly present their research in our afternoon story time Zoom throughout this week and next. You'll be able to show all your friends what you found out! laugh I wonder if anyone chose the same sea creature as you?
  • Please email Miss Hunt anything you want to show, for example, a picture of your poster or a video of you talking about your chosen sea creature.


PE Challenge: Term 4 Week 1 (below)

Thursday 25th Resources: