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Castle Class Term 5 Gallery

What have we been up to this term?

Caterpillars- Cocoons- Butterflies!

Observe our butterflies: Video 1

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This little butterfly emerged from it's cocoon about half an hour after the children left school for half term! Its wings are still unfolding in this video.

Observing our butterflies: Video 2

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A close-up video of this little butterfly on the day it emerged. Can you see its long feelers and antenna moving? What colours can you see on it's wings?

Observing our Butterflies- Video 3

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After eating lots of fruit, sugar water, and bright pink flowers, this butterfly was ready to be released!
We took this video on 1/06/21, just before this little guy was released into our outdoor classroom. Notice the symmetrical pattern on its wings and the empty cocoon shell.