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Term 6





Are lions the true kings of the jungle?



Wow, what a year! We are already at Term 6 and are very much looking forward to spending our final term with our wonderful Connaught Class.


In Writing, throughout Term 6 we will be discovering as much information as possible about the various animal that we can find in The Savannah, Africa. We will look closely at the individual animals and compare their key features to help us identify which animal should, in fact, be the leader of the land. 


In Maths, we will be very busy covering time, capacity and volume, whilst recapping shape, position & direction. Now that we have been blessed with more pleasant weather, we will be taking our learning outside at every opportunity available - especially when working with liquids!


Our foundation subjects, such as History and Geography, will enable us to identify similarities and differences between the landscape her in The United Kingdom and The Savannah in Africa. We will be looking at the importance and use of colour within landscape illustrations within Art.

Key Texts


This term, we will be using a variety of texts to help us with our learning. 


Our fiction story will be One Day On Our Blue Planet in The Savannah.



We will also be using a variety of non-fiction books to support our research and information gathering about he different animals that can be found in The Savannah.