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Good morning! Hope you all have a happy and healthy day. 




Today we are going to start analysing the author's use of language. Click here to access the English lesson!

Morning Zoom- 10 am


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For today's lesson we won't be looking at the entire chapter because it's so long! I've split it into two, so we will read the rest tomorrow. The first half is below. 

Monkeys and Bees



1. (Vocabulary) What phrase on the page below shows that Max was walking with a purpose?



2. (Inference) Why do you think Max finds it hard to follow the instructions?

3. Why do the monkeys cover their hands with ants?

4. Why does Fred feel guilty when he rubs his hands together?


5. (Retrieve) Why does Max get so angry?

6. What are the monkeys trying to get from the trees? 



Arithmetic: Take ten minutes to have a go on TTRS. See if you can increase your score. I can see who is logging on and completing work- only 8 people did this task yesterday. Understanding your Times Tables is so important!! 


If you do not have your Times Tables Rockstar Login- email me!! I will send it to you immediately :)



Today we will be looking at multiplying 3-Digits by 1-Digit numbers. Take your time, you might think that this is easy, but in order to be a MASTER of maths, you need to really understand why we do the processes we do. If you finish quickly and have gotten them all right, move on to a mastery question. These can be found on the class page, under 'Week 3'. 

Multiply 3-digits by 1-digit

Afternoon Lesson- Art


After speaking with you all yesterday, some of you seemed a bit overwhelmed and stressed out. We are going to take some time this afternoon to relax and do something creative. 


We are going to make our own rainforests. How you do this is up to you... 


I would like you to look at these pictures from Henri Rousseau:

Can you look at the paintings and copy some of his techniques? Can you make the colours similar? 


We talked before about how Rousseau creates a simple background and his animals are often in a bright colour to stand out. Can you do that in your art? 


These are some amazing ideas I have found, children have made models, dioramas, cakes, paintings, oil pastels, drawings, mosaics... use whatever you like! If you don't have any equipment, you could use purple mash! 

Relaxing Amazon Rainforest Sounds

Put this on as you work and let your mind relax....

Afternoon Zoom- 2:45 pm


If you haven't finished your art, don't worry, you can continue while we zoom! Let's have a chat and see how we're all doing today. 


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Meeting ID: 724 757 6561
Passcode: abc