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Wednesday 07/07

Good morning everyonesmiley


Thank you to those of you who sent me their amazing parabolic curves - I was hugely impressed! It's Wednesday already chaps and chapettes - time has gone so quickly.  I hope to see lots of you for our morning Zoom as well as our afternoon Zoom today. We need to see whether anyone can out-boggle Miss Sonia, Timeo and our other boggle geniuses.


Here are the activities for today:

9:30am Morning Zoom - Check in and hello time. A chance to ask any questions and let me know how you're feeling.

1:45pm Afternoon Zoom - reading lesson based on our class book, 'Letters from the Lighthouse'. 


Today's activities (can be done in any order)

  • LBQ
  • Memories paragraphs
  • Art - geometric Maths art
  • Maths - treasure map puzzle
  • Mystery Maths puzzle
  • Purple Mash


Today's code is:


Memories of St Richard's

These are the notes we made together after talking about our favourite memories of time at St Richard's. Please have a look at them, see whether they jog your memory about what you write - and then have a go at writing and recording your paragraph. Well done Phoebe who sent me hers last night - everyone else, get busy on them if you can!

Art activity idea: Geometric art using circles.

Watch the video (ignore the advert in the middle) and see whether you can create some more amazing geometric art. All you need is paper, colouring pencils and something round. Good luck!

Maths puzzle 1 - treasure map

Maths puzzle 2 - a murder mystery

At 9am, when the maid knocked on the door of Lady Bilkington’s room in the Hiltraffles Hotel, there was no reply. She had asked for breakfast in bed and a few minutes later, the manager opened the door. Lady Bilkington was lying dead in her bed. Beside her was a half drunk cup of cocoa which smelt rather odd. Later tests revealed this was poisoned....


Have a look at the suspects and the clues, and see if you can work out who the culprit is and where the jewels are hidden.

Purple Mash


Have a look at the 2do I have set for you. It is a transition task to write a postcard to your friends as you move into Year 7. Use the tabs around the postcard and double click on them to give you some ideas about the kinds of things to include: