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Day 3


Session 3- Even and Odd (2)

Please watch the video lesson and complete the activity. 

Take photographs of your work and upload to EExAT through your parent account.



Please read the e-book "In the Fish and Chip Shop":

Your child can read the large writing, whilst an adult reads the more complex sentences at the bottom of the page to give further context.

Please record your reading inside your child's reading record.



This week we will be learning a range of CVC+ words using our Phase 3 sounds.

  1. Recap the word flashcards you need to practise. 
  2. Read the following sentences from the stroy and see if you can spot the mistakes! Feel free to write them out largely on a peice of paper using the correct colour coding
  • Lots of furnip up for grads.
  • Let's eat it 4 a picnooc.
  • We can grall it so it iz crunschy.



Build the tallest tower you can in 1 minute (you can use a phone timer). How many blocks did you use to build it? Measure yourself next to your tower. Is it taller than you? If it is, how many blocks tall are you? If it isn't taller than you, how many more blocks will you need to add to make it as tall as you!

Draw a picture of your tower and write some sentences about it, for example, "My tower is ..... blocks tall" "It is taller than me" "I am ...... blocks tall".

Please take a photograph of your writing and upload it to EExAT via your parent account.

    Optional Afternoon Activities

    • If you are able to safely access a private outdoor space whilst isolating (for example your own garden or balcony), conduct your own Minibeast Hunt. PLEASE ensure you continue to self-isolate during this activity- please stay at home. What creatures will you find? If you find an insect you don't know the name of, use the internet or a book about minibeasts to find out more about it. You can draw the aminals you find, or use a tablet or phone with a camera to take photographs of it (Adults please guide your children to take photographs with the device themselves). Please send any photographs of your minibeast hunt to Miss Hunt via email!
    • Get moving! There are lots of great ways to be active at home with help of some great youtube creators such as Cosmic Kids Yoga, PE with Joe and Zumba Kids with Dovydas.
    • Make a paper plate pond! Use a paper plate or cut a circle from an empty cardboard box, and use paint or blue paper to make it look like water. Cut out some lilypad or pondweed shapes and stick it onto your plate. You could make some little flowers or waterlilies to add some colour to your pond. Are there newts or fish in your pond? What else lives in this pond? Can your bog baby play in it? Take photographs and send to Miss Hunt via email! Examples of this activity can be seen below.