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Week 2

Well done everyone on a fantastic first week of home learning. I am so impressed with you all! 


Just a reminder- we have a zoom meeting at 10am and 2:45pm every day. You should be logging on to join the meeting a few minutes before to make sure you are there on time. Each meeting should last 30 minutes. 


Please remind your grown ups to send your work to me every day. I am saving all of your work and reading everything you do. I will try to reply via email as often as I can. 


If you have worked your hardest and have struggled to complete all the tasks- don't worry! Just start again the next day, don't try to catch up because you will get overwhelmed. As long as you are trying your hardest, that is all I want. 


Make sure you are taking breaks and eating properly- it is very important to stay healthy! 


If you need anything, email me at: I am here for you. Good luck and have a fantastic week. Miss you all very much xx