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Good Morning beautiful Year 5! 


Normally, at 9AM on a Thursday you would be having a Science lesson with Mrs Martin. She is preparing her wonderful lessons and will start teaching you next week- how exciting! I will put the zoom link here usually, remember to be ready to connect at 9AM. 


Today, we will work on Maths. Let's start off with writing the date neatly in our books and underlining it: Thursday 7th January 2021. Remember to write a title for each subject and to underline that as well. 





Give yourself 10 minutes to complete as many questions as you can! Once you have finished, click on the calculator below to reveal the answers. 








Today we are learning about the perimeter of rectangles. Watch the video below before doing the worksheets. 

Perimeter of rectangles

Zoom Meeting with Miss Brown- 10AM

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Here is our next chapter: 

Chapter 2- The Green Dark

Task: Can you write a diary entry from the perspective of Con? How can you show her character through your writing? 



Today's reading task is going to be based on the chapter we have read for English. I love this chapter because you really start to get a good impression of all the characters and what makes them so unique. 


Can you re-read through the text and answer my questions below? If you have some time spare, read your own book and write a few sentences to me in your book about it. I'd love to hear what you are reading. 


Please answer the questions using full sentences, this is where you include the question you are asked in your answer. 


1. (Infer) 'The fire called back in response'- what does this mean? 

2. (Infer) Did the passengers of the plane know each other? How do you know? 

3. (Explain) How does Katherine Rundell (the author) show that they are scared? 

4. Summarise your impressions of Fred, Con and Max. Use three words for each. 



Afternoon Lesson- RE


So, today's lesson is all about how memories are kept alive. I want to share some of my favourite memories with you. 



 This beautiful little baby is my nephew, Ezra. He is two now and very clever. This picture was taken the day after he was born and he was so tiny and squidgy. I love to look at how small he was compared to now. 



This is a happy picture. This is a picture from my holiday to Bath. This is the day I got engaged to Dom, and we both felt very happy and joyful. We couldn't wait to tell everybody our good news. 



This is a picture of me and my sister, Marisa. I'm the big one with the weird yellow face paint! She is all grown up now and works at DGGS. This picture makes me happy and sad. I wonder why memories do this- do you have any ideas? I am sad I didn't get to spend Christmas with my sister this year because we always make it special for one another (and we still like to dress the same in matching pyjamas!)



I hope you like seeing my memories. I have a story below I would love you to read. 

How can a picture trigger a memory? Is there anything in the story that triggered memories to come back to Miss Nancy? 


I would like you to write down what you think a memory is and write about your favourite one. 


If you have an object or a picture that makes you think of a memory, bring it to our zoom meeting. I would love to share stories. 

Final Zoom Meeting- 2:45PM


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