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Today's code for SPAG and reading on LBQ is:



Well I hope you've enjoyed thinking about the Rhi-swano-zeb-tah so far Year 6. The idea of finding an undiscovered creature certainly appeals to me.... I wouldn't mind discovering a new species and having a chance to learn about it!


So far, you have read the model text and thought about some grammar to do with the sentence structure. This morning I would like you to start on Page 16 - the section called 'Write Away'.

In this section, you will have a go at some sentence starters about a mythical creature - to warm up your writing skills. Here is my example:

The first thing to say about teachers is that they are mostly mischievous aliens (from a planet made of jellyfish) disguised as humans.


I would then like you to look at pages 18-20. In this section, you will be looking at some information about the appearance of the Rhi-swano-zeb-tah and using it to write about the Blue-Headed Iguanas.



Look at the White Rose video below, and watch it carefully. I'm hoping that it will jog a few memories about digits moving..... Have a go at the work and then mark it using the answer sheet.

Year 6 - Week 5 - Lesson 1 - Multiply and divide by 10 100 and 1000


Have a look at the activity here from the online Science Jamboree. All you need is a pencil and a piece of paper. The aim of the game is to see how adaptations you are going to make will enable your animal to survive or not. Good luck!

Survival Game

This video is about Survival Game

You will be designing an animal that needs to be suited to its environment in order to survive. You will be able to use some of your ideas in English tomorrow, so make sure you put lots of thought into it.