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Forty Winks

1. (Vocabulary) What does ‘forty winks’ generally mean?

2. Define ‘rascal’.

3. (Inference) Why do you think Mrs Khan smiled at the note?

4. (Predict) Predict what seclusion is.

5. (Explain) Do you think Mrs Khan is a good teacher? Why?

6. (Retrieve) Who is the school bully?



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English (SPaG) Activity



Today we are learning about turning improper numbers into mixed numbers. 

Improper fractions to mixed numbers

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Watch the video below and complete the task :)

Using Freedom for Good




Isaiah emphasises the freedom God gives us to make choices and that these should be used responsibly.  There is advice on what we can do for other people rather than adopt selfish attitudes.  Isaiah tells us God is given pleasure by seeing what we do for others.  This behaviour is what God hopes will inspire others and permeate throughout the whole world – love, kindness, generosity, consideration, as these are signs that we have learnt from God’s love for us and wish to share it with others.


Today's Task: 


  • Using the reading above, explain how you think God wants Christians to live and say why people who believe in God behave in this way.  Design a poster entitled ‘Be one of God’s people!’ to illustrate this.



Here is the image I discussed in the video:


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Meeting Code: 724 757 6561