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Monday 05/07

Good morning lovely Year 6.

I hope you are all feeling ok this morning. I'm sorry we're not able to begin our week of fun this morning, but we are trying to move everything around so that we can have it next week instead.


I will set some lessons  each day on the website - so have a look at what learning you need to do. I promise I won't make it anything too horrible for your brains - as after all, we were going to be having a week away from too much Maths and English as a reward for your incredible hard work this year. 


Remember - you can contact me using the form on our class page if you need to.


At 1:30pm we shall have a Zoom session (ask Mums and Dads to check their emails for the link) so that I can say hello to you all, and we can read a bit more of Letters to the Lighthouse.

Today's activities (can be done in any order):

  • PSHE - Go Big! BE Awesome! lesson 9
  • Escape room project
  • LBQ

PSHE - Living Well

Look through the Powerpoint all about Living Well - and why that is so important. Although your activity packs are at school, you can still have a go at the 2 activities at the relevant points in the presentation:

  • Activity 1 - Write down three things that you are going to do when starting your new school to help you stay well.
  • Activity 2 - Look at the challenge activity sheet and complete an activity to help you think about your transition into Year 7

Escape Room Project

Have a look through the slides and see if you can solve the clues:

You can email me if you get stuck - and I'll reply with a clue. I'll put the answers up at 3pm this afternoon. Good luck code breakers!



Today's code is:

There are 3 tasks all about Britain in the Blitz. Have a go, and see what you can do.