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Good morning Year 6, and Happy Monday!


Today would have been a staff development day - so the work I am putting up will be for today and tomorrow in case people don't log on to check. 


Today's code for LBQ to do SPAG and Reading is:



Watch the mini lesson below, and then have a go at the work in your exercise book. Check your answers when you're finished.

Year 6 - Week 3 - Lesson 1 - Simplify fractions


Today Year 6, we are going to start a new unit of work called 'The Gadgets Workbook'. It will be a unit focussed on persuasive writing - designing our own spy gadgets and convincing people of their brilliance! Today, I would like you to have  a go at the following activities:


  • Introduction - can you solve the clues and crack the codes! Once you've done that, work out what your spy name would be. Mine is Winchester Spartan..... sounds elusive and mysterious don't you think.
  • Model text - read the model text on persuasion and think about what makes it a good example.
  • Activity 1 - vocabulary and synonyms. Using the model text, can you work out definitions and find synonyms.
  • Activity 2 - persuasive games. Have a go at the crazy persausions and estate agent role play to warm up your persuasive skills.



Monday is Music Day!

Log on to Charanga and look at the Summer Term Listening section in the lessons.


Username p844069

password macaroni


Listen to these three pieces of music all the way through:

* Land of Hope and Glory by Edward Elgar

* Short Ride in a Fast Machine by John Adams

* Horn Concerto No4 3rd Movement by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart



Look at the fast facts about each piece and think about the questions for each piece of music. Which one do you like best? Why? What do the pieces make you think about?