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Today's code for reading and SPAG on LBQ is:




A reading lesson today Year 6 - and an extract from The Parent Agency by David Baddiel. Have a look at the extracts and videos on the BBC bitesize website below and then look at the activities and questions. You will be summarising a character and sharing your opinions.


Activity 1 uses your skimming and scanning skills to summarise the key events which happen in an extract.


Activity 2 asks you to think about your opinion of how a character acts.


Activity 3 is all about your thoughts about David Baddiel’s style as a writer - read the extracts again and reflect on what you enjoyed about the extracts.


Have a look at today's video on finding pairs of values and then try your hand at the work underneath. Don't forget to mark it at the end.

Year 6 - Week 8 - Lesson 2 - Find pairs of values


A lesson about a completely different part of the world today Year 6: the Galapagos Islands. Have a look at the BBC Bitesize lesson here:

You will learn about the Galápagos Islands including their location, environment, dramatic landscape and amazing wildlife. Watch the videos and read the information about these fascinating islands (they look like a dream!). Once you've read about them, have a go at the activities: there is a short quiz to complete on the BBC website, and then a leaflet to complete to share your learning.