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Monday 11th January

9am - 9:10am - Arithmetic 


Complete the following questions into your book. 


Round the following numbers to the nearest 100

(remember to circle the hundreds place value digit, underline the tens digit next to it and the number in the tens column will round your whole number up or down).

1) 849

2) 933

3) 2910

4) 3321

5) 432

6) 278

7) 51

9:10am - 9:55am: Divide by 100

Reasoning and Problem Solving - Divide 100

10am -10:40am Zoom English - Word Classes

11am - 11:30am: English


Following on from our zoom session this morning - we are going to continue looking at word classes. 


Complete the following sheet - remember to use your books for the answers.



Extra Challenge: 


Look in a dictionary or look at an online dictionary ( can you find 10 different words that can be in two or more word classes?

1:15 - 1:45pm: Reading VIPERS

Reading VIPERS Question:


Reading through the first section of the story: 



1. a noun _______________________

2. an adjective ___________________

3. a verb _____________________

4. a conjunction _______________________

5. a preposition ________________________


Summarise: 5. Write a paragraph about Antony. What kind of person was he, what was his job and how washe described. (Don't write what will happen next) 

1:45pm - 2:45pm: PE Challenge

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