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Wednesday 20th January

9am - 9:10am: Arithmetic



Is there a pattern you can notice with the 7 times tables? 

9:10am - 9:55am: Factor pairs

Morning Zoom - 10am - 10:40am - SPAG 


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Today's lesson we will be looking at the word class of pronouns and how we can use them within sentences.


11am - 12pm: English - The BFG - Lesson 3 


In this lesson, we will recap what a verb is, define a simple sentence as a main clause that makes sense on its own and write our very own simple sentences. For this lesson, you will need an exercise book or some paper and a pencil.


Link is below

1:15pm - 2:15pm: Topic


Follow the PowerPoint and the activities on the slides. 


I have attached the links below for the information about Hadrian's wall - please visit them and have a read as you go through the PowerPoint. 


Slide 9 - What do these sources tell us about the wall?

English Heritage website: Interview with a Roman on Hadrian's wall

BBC History website:


Slide 11 - The Vindolanda Tablets

Hadrian's Wall - Lesson 3

2:15pm - 2:45pm: PE 


Complete DSC Challenge! (Video Below) Image to help



Still image for this video

2:45pm - 3:10pm: Afternoon Zoom - Reading


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Empire's End: A Roman Story - Lesson 3