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Good morning! Today you have a zoom session at 9am with Mrs. Martin- enjoy!


9.00 am Science ZOOM session with Mrs Martin

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This term our science topic is Living Things!


Please take a photo of your work and email it to Miss Brown who will forward it to me. It’s important I keep a record of all your hard work as it helps me to know how you are getting on.


Please write Science as your title and this L.O. underneath: 


L.O. I can identify a variety of fruits we eat and compare their seeds.

I can make careful observation and record my findings

Zoom Meeting- Miss Brown 10am


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Can you write the conversation between the children when Fred returns to tell them that the raft is finished?


A few key tips to remember when writing speech: 


- Use speech marks (or inverted commas) to mark the beginning and end of speech " "

- Start a new line for each new speaker

- If your sentence does not begin with speech, always use a comma to separate the speech from the sentence. E.g. Simran was looking at the skipping rope, "Can I play?" she asked Lily. 

- The speech needs to start with a capital letter

- You can end the direct speech with ? ! or , if there is more to the sentence. Where you would normally put a full stop, use a comma instead. 

E.g. "I've had enough of this home learning," Connor said indignantly. 



This does not need to be very long, half a page is fine. Check that you have punctuated it properly. 



1. (Vocabulary) Find a word on this page that means ‘you have to do it’. 




2. How does Katherine Rundell show you that Fred had a nightmare?

3. Why do you think Con doesn’t want to build the raft?



4. Explain why the children suddenly crucially need to use the lavo-tree. 



5. Why doesn’t Lila think a smoke signal is a good idea?





Can you make your own raft using materials you can find in your home? This isn't the time to ask your grown ups to run to Tesco to buy you glue! This is an exercise in resourcefulness, if you were stranded on as island you couldn't go to the shop! Use what you have. 


You might want to make a mini model using items from the recycling. Could you test in the bath and see if it can carry a doll safely? 


You might want to make a big one you can stand on. 


It's up to you- bonus points for creativity! 


1. The first thing you need to do is BRAINSTORM! This is where you gather all of your ideas. I like to make a spider diagram and write notes down to gather all my ideas. 


2. The next thing you need to do is DESIGN your raft. Draw a rough sketch in your book and label it. You might want to include measurements. 


3. The final step is MAKE and EVALUATE. Test your raft- was it strong? Was it waterproof? Did it float? 

Write your evaluation in your book. Would you change anything? Did anything work really well? 


Zoom meeting- 2:45pm


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