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Good Morning! 


Here is today's schedule: 


9 am- Reading

9:45 am- Arithmetic

10 am- Zoom English Lesson

10:30 am- Break

10:45 am- English task

11:30 am- Maths

12:15 pm- Lunch

1:15 pm - P.E. (You can also use this time to catch up on any work you haven't finished)

2:45 pm- Zoom

On the River

On the River

Reading Questions


1. (Vocabulary) What does ‘moor’ mean?

2. What does sprightly mean? 

3. (Inference) Why do you think Lila’s face transforms when she realises it’s a dolphin?

4. Why do you think Fred got into the water with the dolphins? 

5. (Explain) Why does Katherine Rundell choose to leave this chapter on a cliffhanger?

6. (Retrieve) What do you call a group of explorers?

7. What does Max think he sees in the river? Why is this impossible? 



Let's get back onto TTRS- who will be the winners... the girls or the boys?


Zoom English Lesson- 10 am


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English Task


So far you should have your Newspaper name, your headline and a collection of quotes from people related to the story.


Today, we are going to write our byline and our lead paragraph. 



The byline comes directly underneath the headline. You can use your own name for this. Then you can pick what you specialise in. Now obviously a fashion editor wouldn't be writing about a missing plane full of children. Something like crime editor, features writer, crime reporter would be a suitable title. You can then add your twitter name, now you shouldn't have a twitter so just make this up! 


So mine would be: 

Bethany Brown- Senior crime editor @crimewriterbrown



After this, we are going to write our lead paragraph. This is one of the most important parts of the entire report! This is the first paragraph of our main article. This is the paragraph people will read and decide whether they'd like to read on or not. This paragraph should be brief, you need to summarise all of the events and try to include the answers to these questions: Who, what, why, where, when and how? 


Remember to use past tense. 


So, an example might be: 


On Monday night, a flight that was due to arrive in Manaus disappeared from all local flight stations radar. On board there were four children and one pilot. Police services and local volunteers are combing the area for any trace of the plane, as of yet, nothing has been found. It is unknown at this time whether the passengers are alive or dead. 


This has explained all of the key detail and gives the reader an idea of what is to come. 

Multiply 2-digits by 2-digits

P.E. Challenge

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Afternoon Zoom- 2:45 pm

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