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Thursday 11th


Join us on zoom wearing the clothes of the job you want when you grow up. If you don't have a costume, you can easily make one by cutting out a police badge/ a red cross from paper and tapeing it to your top.

I cant wait to see all your outfits!


Thank you to everyone who has had a go at uploading some of their work to EExAT!

If you don't have your EExAT access code/ parent guide (if you haven't picked up your supply pack) then email Miss Hunt and she'll send the code out to you via email.

If you haven't already, try logging on today and submitting some work with a short, specific caption.


Our zoom link has been emailed to you on Sunday evening.

See you at 9am and 1:45pm today! :)


REMINDER: KS1 Celebration Assembly is at 10:45 today with Miss Kleinman on Zoom.

The access link was sent to you via email on Sunday evening. 

Who will be our Star's of the Week and who will get Mrs. Martin's super-scientist certificate?



Recapping letter sounds: Please recap your letter sounds and actions every day.

You can use the videos below to help you.

Monster Phonics Pure Speech Sounds:

Phase 2 Tricky Word Song:


Daily Zoom session: Our sound this week is 'or'. This is a Black Cat sound. We will play 'or' I Spy together, looking out for the objects/ animals that have the 'or' sound in them. We will be writing the 'or' words that match the pictures and playing another tricky word hunt.


Follow up activity: Play Forest Phonics on ICT games- go to the next page and select ‘or’.

Listen to the word and move the correct letters to spell it out.



Writing a sentence based on the picture below, for example, 'The sheep has horns.'

Sound out each word carefully, using your sound mat to help you find the letter/s that match each sound. Extra Challenge: Can you draw the sheep and its horns below your sentence?

Please photograph the writing and upload it to EExAT with a small and specific caption. Did they hear/ find the sounds independently or with support? Did they use the sound mat/ tricky word mat?


Fine Motor Skills:

Fine motor skills are the skills that allow you to make small movements with your hands. Developing these skills supports pencil control and writing.

Challenge: Tin Foil sculptures.

See the pictures below for some inspiration.


Please read with your child every day!


  • Today's Phonics Play Decodable Comic Book: I can spot

Accessible here:

  • Optional: Teach Your Monster to Read – Reading game. Please complete one island/ gate per day.

Our Log in link:

  • Look at this website for other free books you can read:

You will need to set up a free account with Oxford Owl using your email address to access this content.



Please follow this link and watch Session 4: Combining 2 groups

Then complete the activity:

Please take photographs during practical activities and send them and any exercise book work via email to Miss Hunt- please also try uploading a photo of your work to EExAT for Miss Hunt to see!


Afternoon Activities:

Purple Mash 2Dos:

  • Mash Cam Role Play: Doctor
  • 2Puzzle: Doctors
  • Pairs: Doctors
  • Paint Project: Firefighter

PE Challenge (below)

Thursday 11th Resources:

End of term PE Challenge

Still image for this video