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Science Zoom with Mrs. Martin- 9 am


There is no Science Zoom today- follow the lesson below!


This term our science topic is Living things
Well done to everyone who completed the purple mash quiz – naming the parts of a flower.
There are lots of science words to learn!

Important science vocabulary that helps us to understand how the flower completes its function (job) and makes a seed.


·         Science Lesson 3 PowerPoint – Seed dispersal in plants

L.O. To know seeds need to be scattered so they can germinate away from the parent plant.

L.O. To plan and complete a fair test

Seeds need to travel away from the parent plant so they can find a new place to germinate.

This is called seed dispersal.

Read the attached PowerPoint and watch the science videos to learn about the amazing ways different species of plants can disperse their seeds so they can germinate and grow away from the parent plant.



Complete the fair test to find the best design for dispersing seeds.



We completed a similar test together when investigated forces.

Here is an example of what your work might look like:


English Zoom with Miss Brown- 10 am


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Today we are going to write the 'tail', or the ending section of our report. 



My example:


This is not the first time that the safety of Manaus Airlines has been called into question. Last year, they settled a £40 million lawsuit against claims that their planes were more likely to crash. Critics argue that Manaus Airlines are not safe to fly and this latest scandal does not help their reputation. To keep up to date with all the latest information, please go to:


I have summed up my story and given a bit of background into Manaus Airline's past to finish my story. I have also made up a fake website that my 'readers' can look at, to make it seem like a real article. 

Celebration Assembly


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 Passcode: Celebrate




 Today we are starting to multiply 4-digits by 2-digits. Watch the video and then answer the questions below! 

Multiply 4-digits by 2-digits



Today we are going to get our page ready for tomorrow's English lesson and draw our picture for the report. 



This is how you should lay out your report. Use a ruler to make your lines straight. The second page is an example of what you should do if you run out of room, just split the page into two columns. 


This afternoon, write your newspaper name and headline in neat, bold writing. Then you can design your logo, draw this and draw your picture with a relevant caption underneath. 


This is a picture I might draw, and then caption underneath: The rivers near Manaus, near to where the plane was flying. 

Afternoon Zoom- 2:45 pm


Meeting code: 724 757 6561