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Hello and happy Wednesday!! I hope you like the little frog.


Today I have a cool Arithmetic game for you to do- it's called Alien addition. Click here to play.



Today we are continuing to look at area. Watch the video below and then answer the questions on the worksheet. 

Once you've answered your questions, mark your work and see how you did :) 

Area of rectangles

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Today we are going to be using our VIPERS skills to be answering some questions about the text. 






1. What word on this page shows you that Lila feels a bit sorry for Fred? 


2. Find a word on this page that means ‘huge’.





3. Why might the wood have dried so quickly?

4. Why does Fred feel like crying?

5. Why does Max slap at his ribs?




6. Explain the joke ‘lavo-tree’. 




7. Why are the other children dubious about Fred’s ability to start a fire?

8. Why is the watch so special to Fred?

9. What does Fred serve the pancakes on?




10. Summarise the meal time in twenty words or less. 



You've all answered some reading skills based questions for your English task today, so for your reading lesson I would like you to find somewhere really comfy to sit. Turn off any music or distractions and take this time to read a book quietly- it can be anything you like! In our zoom meeting this afternoon you can tell me all about what you've been reading. I love recommendations! 




Today I would like you to draw a map of South America. If you have a printer I have a document with an outline of South America attached below. if you don't, it's okay- just do your best at drawing it. Can you show me where the countries separate and label each one? 


If you would like you could present this in a creative way. You could make this out of play-doh! You could paint it, or make the shape on your floor using clothes.


I can't wait to see what you come up with. There are some pictures in a slideshow below for inspiration. 

Zoom Meeting- 2:45pm 


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Meeting ID: 724 757 6561
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