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Monday 1st February


Multiply by 3

Watch the video, pausing to answer the challenges. Then answer the questions from the work sheet below in your books.


Creative writing

Using the image and the story starter, create a piece of writing about the young detective. It could be a story, diary, letter or something else.

It needs to be descriptive and use as many super writer techniques as you can ( adjectives, expanded noun phrases, adverbs, similes, onomatopoeia, the senses, the weather and super sentence starters).

I can't wait to see what you create.


Story starter!

It had been three days since it had gone missing. One minute he had held it in his hand, the next it had vanished. How could it just have disappeared? It had been right in front of his eyes!

He had been warned about what would happen if he lost it. His mission had been to guard the key with his life, ever since they visited him last summer.

Adam had always had a detective’s instinct. They had told him as much. He had been chosen because he had certain skills, and he would need them more than ever now.

Only one clue had seemingly been left, which was sat on the living room table.

Holding the magnifying glass up to his eye, Adam began to investigate…


Questions to consider when you are writing.

Have you ever lost something important?

How did it feel when you couldn’t find it?

What’s the best thing to do if you lose something? What about if it doesn’t belong to you?

What do you think the missing object in the story is?

Who are the mysterious visitors and what do they want with Adam?

What do you think will happen to him if he doesn’t find the item?