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Friday 12th

Today is Chinese New Year!

Happy Friday Castle Class! It's the last day of Term 3 but it's also the first day of the year of the Ox in the Chinese Lunar calendar!


Please try logging on to EExAT today and submitting some work with a short, specific caption about the learning that has taken place and the level of support needed, and where.


Our zoom link has been emailed to you on Sunday evening.

See you at 9am for Phonics and 1:45pm for RE with Mrs Good! :)


As it is the last day of this term, we just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you all for your hard work and co-operation during this really challenging time. We hope you enjoy a week off from home learning and we all have our fingers crossed that we'll see you very soon.


Today's tasks are as follows. Have a great day!



Recapping letter sounds: Please recap your letter sounds and actions every day.

You can use the videos below to help you.

Monster Phonics Pure Speech Sounds:

Phase 2 Tricky Word Song:


Daily Zoom session: Our tricky words this week are: was, and all. We will be practicing recognizing tricky words, recapping all phase 3 learnt so far. We will then play the game 'Train your brain' Phase 3 on Phonics play looking at: you are was all and putting them into sentences.


Follow up activity: Play Tricky Word Trucks game on Phonics Play- Phase 2, All HFW. (Free log in)



Think of your own sentence with our new tricky words in: was, all, (you, are)

For example: 'He was hot all day.' 'The book was torn.'

You can use your past flashcards to build a sentence if you need some inspiration!

Then write this in your exercise bookphotograph it and upload it to EExAT for Miss Hunt to see with a short and specific caption outlining what they could do and how much support they needed to be successful.


Fine Motor Skills:

Fine motor skills are the skills that allow you to make small movements with your 

hands- developing these supports pencil control.

Challenge: Using scissors!

Use a pair of scissors with adult supervision to practice your cutting skills. You can draw some straight or curved lines on paper and cut along them, or you can cut into a paper plate/ toilet role to make them into other things. See pictures below for activity inspiration!


Please read with your child every day!


  • Today's Phonics Play Decodable Comic Book: Pet Vet

Accessible here:

  • Optional: Teach Your Monster to Read – Reading game. Please complete one island/ gate per day.

Our Log in link:

  • Look at this website for other free books you can read:

You will need to set up a free account with Oxford Owl using your email address to access this content.



Please follow this link and watch Session 5: Adding 1 more.

Then complete the activity:

Please take photographs during practical activities and send them and any exercise book work via email to Miss Hunt- please also try uploading 1 photo of your work maths work to EExAT for Miss Hunt to see!


Afternoon Activities:

  • RE with Mrs. Good- a special lesson all about Chinese New Year!
  • Purple Mash: Mini Mash- Pin- Chinese New Year Activities. Choose however many activities you want to do- I recommend the Paint Projects and the Jigsaws! (The pin icon is in the right-hand corner of the mini-mash screen, next to People Who Help Us.)

Friday 12th Resources:

CBeebies: Preparing For Chinese New Year - Let's Celebrate

Abbie and her brother clean the house in preparation for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

CBeebies: Celebrating Chinese New Year - Let's Celebrate

Abbie takes to the street with her family for a Chinese New Year parade and firecracker display.