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Thursday 14th January

9am - 9:10am: Arithmetic


Answer the following questions: 


A) 810 x 10 

B) 9840 divided by 10 

C) 200 divided by 100

D) 9 x 5 x 100

E) 832 x 1 

F) 12 x 0 

Challenge G) 1,982,342 x 0

OPTION 1 - 9:10 - 9:55am - Multiply and divide by 3

Warm up to the 6 times table.

If you are happy with your knowledge of the 3 times table miss this session and go to OPTION 2 below.
But if you want to do this as well, you are more than welcome too!

Multiply & Divide by 3 Worksheets

OPTION 2 - Multiply and divide by 6

11am - 12pm: English Task


1. Complete the sheet below: 


2. You will be writing an exciting paragraph of the image below. But before you do that - you will need to create your own word bank to help you with your writing: 


Draw something like this into your book (remember a ruler!). This is to collect lots ideas for your writing - use the picture below to help you collect information.


My Ideas Table
Pronouns - he, his Determiners - the, a few, lots of, first, second
Nouns - gladiator, lion, statue, flags, spectators, chain, shield, spear Adjectives - golden, muscular, bright, sharp
Verbs - staggered, pounced, jab Adverbs - aggressively, fast, dangerously
Prepositions - under, over, below, next to  Conjunctions - and, because, but, if


3. Write a paragraph about the image you see above of a Roman Colosseum battle. You can write about what is happening, what happened before this or what will happen next. You will need to include all your notes from above and the following things: 


Noun Phrases

Speech (Challenge to be correctly punctuated)


I really look forward to reading what you write! 

Be Reflective


You have all worked hard this past week - you can have the afternoon doing reflective things with people at home! Here are some ideas:


1: Go for a walk/be outside with your family

2. Sit quietly with no TV, Ipads, Gaming things for an hour and just simply relax. 

3. Play a board game or cards

4. Or simply find someone to hold hands with and just be still with them, holding hands and enjoying the company of someone else.