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Tuesday 06/07

Good morning everyone. How are you all doing today? I hope you had a chance to check your escape room answers and see whether you were code-cracking geniuses!


Today is day 2 of isolation learning, and you will be pleased to know that by the end of yesterday - we had managed to rearrange and confirm the archery tag, the bouncy castle and the cinema trip for next week smiley


Have a look at the activities for today. There's a mixture of activities you could have a go at - I think everyone should be able to try and do at least 3 of them. Here's the timetable for the day:


9:30am Morning Zoom - Check in and hello time. A chance to ask any questions and let me know how you're feeling.

1:45pm Afternoon Zoom - reading lesson based on our class book, 'Letters from the Lighthouse'. I've made this Zoom slightly later than it was yesterday - but the link is the same as the one adults already have.

Today's activities (can be done in any order)

  • LBQ
  • Art - illusion art
  • Mystery Maths puzzle
  • Mystery SPAG puzzle
  • Purple Mash


Today's code is:

Today's tasks are to learn about Mary Seacole - who we spoke about last week and to practise using synonyms and antonyms.


Art (inspired by maths!)

Watch the video below about creating curves using x and y axes and straight lines. If you don't have any squared paper, don't panic. I've put a link to a printable sheet below. Or if you can't print - towards the end of the video, the teacher shows you how to create this art on plain paper. Have a go - and be creative!

Art lesson online: How to make breathtaking art with maths using X & Y axis!

Mystery maths puzzle - The mystery of the mixed up football shirts

Can you solve the clues and work out which player has played a practical joke and mixed up all the team's names and numbers? 

Answers - no peeking!

Mystery SPAG puzzle - The Obstacle Course Catastrophe

Can you solve the mystery of which naughty person sabotaged the PE equipment for sports day?

Purple Mash

Watch this video first and then open the 2do set on Purple Mash. You will be designing and creating your own quiz. It can be about any appropriate subject you would like, however it must have a title, instructions for playing, and at least 5 questions.

Introduction to 2Quiz

Still image for this video

Don't forget - there are instructional videos if you click on the green arrow I've marked in red pen.


Your quiz can be any style you want - but do make sure you watch the relevant video first so you know how to create that question type.