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Friday 26th

Happy Friday Castle Class!

We've made it through the first week back already!


Please keep sending your work to Miss Hunt via EExAT yesterday. 2 or 3 posts per day is sufficient, and if there are any extra photos you want to show, please send them to Miss Hunt via email. 

Miss Hunt recommends this Photo Collage Creater for use on computers or PicCollage (free version) for use on smartphones.


Our zoom link has been emailed to you on Sunday evening and is the same link we have used in Term 3.

See you at 9am and 1:45pm for RE with Mrs Good! laugh



Recapping letter sounds: Please recap your letter sounds and actions every day.

You can use the videos below to help you.

Monster Phonics Pure Speech Sounds:

Phase 3 Tricky Word Song:

This week's sound: ‘oa’ song video:


Daily Zoom session: This week's sound is 'oa'. We will practice our bending skills to read some oa words and then build a sentence together using our tricky word and 'oa' flashcards, for example, "A goat has got into the car."


Follow-up activity: Play Forest Phonics on ICT Games- choose oa, and click the snail to find a word.



Sentence building: You can use your 'oa' flashcards and other flashcards you have made to build your own sentence. Get your grown-up to photograph them.

Extra challenge: Write your sentence in your book without looking at your flashcards! Use your sound mat to help you sound out the words and find the letters that match your sounds.


Fine Motor Skills: 

Challenge: Pattern Tracing.

Draw some large letters on paper and arrange some small objects or stickers to trace the pattern. This will help your child understand the flow of lines and the movement required to write each letter.

You can try tracing random letters, or trace your name on big paper. You could use cursive or capital letters.





Please read with your child every day!


We have set up an Oxford Owl E-Book Account for our class- please find the login details and information letter for Oxford Owl in the email sent on Sunday evening. You have been sent your child's group name too.


Fish group: Phase 2 Set 1- Max's Rocket

Shark Group: Phase 2 Set 2- Let's Bake

Dolphin Group: Phase 2 Set 3- Sit Cog Dog!


Optional: Teach Your Monster to Read Game.

Our Log in link:



Please follow this link and watch Session 5: Measuring time.

Session 5 Activity: Measuring Time.

You can use a sand timer if you have one, or an egg timer, or the stopwatch/ timer on your mobile phone to complete this activity.


Please upload a photograph of practical or exercise book work to EExAT for Miss Hunt to see! Please remember to include a specific caption about your child's understanding and the level of support needed to reach it.


Afternoon Activities:

  • Religion:
    This week we are starting our new RE topic on Lent and Easter.
    Today we are going to be learning about how we grow as Christians in God’s love during this time.

    We will be thinking about what it means to grow and we will be talking about all the signs of new growth around us showing us that Springtime is coming.

     We will be reading a story about a little acorn and discovering how he grows bigger and stronger just like you are.



  • urple Mash 2Do's: Under the Sea.

My Fish Tank: Art

Fish Counting Game: Ordering Numbers

Octopus Colouring (if you can, please do this on a computer with a mouse or trackpad. Building mouse skills is important for access to a range of technology and great for building fine motor skills.)

Friday 26th Resources: