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Tuesday 23rd

Welcome to Term 4 everyone!

It's so lovely to have you back and we're very excited to see you on Zoom again. We hope you had a relaxing half-term holiday and are ready to go with our new Under the Sea topic!


Please continue sending your work to Miss Hunt via EExAT. Please limit to 2 or 3 posts per day. We especially want to see English and Maths work on EExAT, plus Science or Topic work. Plus use free mobile apps such as PicCollage to make multiple photos into one image so they can all be shown in one post.

Please also include a specific caption about the level of support your child required to complete this task, detailing successes and struggles.


Please complete today's learning in any order that suits your child. We recommend doing sit-down activities that require a lot of concentration, such as writing, first when your child is most awake!


Our zoom link has been emailed to you on Sunday evening and is the same link we have used in Term 3.

See you at 9am and 1:45pm today! laugh



Recapping letter sounds: Please recap your letter sounds and actions every day.

You can use the videos below to help you.

Monster Phonics Pure Speech Sounds:

Phase 3 Tricky Word Song:

This week's sound: ‘oa’ song video:


Daily Zoom session: We will be exploring our new Under The Sea Topic today! We will be looking at what lives in the sea and writing some under the sea words together. Have your whiteboards ready!

Our new sound 'oa' will be introduced tomorrow.


Follow-up activity: Draw your own pet fish and give it a name!

Please draw your fish on a separate piece of paper so you can cut it out. You can use paint, glitter, or collage to decorate your fish, but make sure to keep it small- 10cm x 10cm biggest! We will be using our pet fish next week when we make a shoebox aquarium so keep it safe!


Write the name of your new pet fish in your exercise book using your sound mat to help you. Remember, it needs a capital letter at the start because it's a name!

Parents: don't worry about correcting spelling, as long as the written sound matches their spoken sound! For example; Maisy could be sounded out and written as M-ai-s-ee or M-ai-z-ee. When sounded out, this still matches the spoken sounds of the name so is totally acceptable at this stage!



Write a Caption: "I can see a fish."

Sound out each word carefully, using your sound mat and tricky word mat to help you find the letter/s that match each sound.


Please upload this to EExAT (the tracker) for Miss Hunt to see! smiley

How much support did they need? Did they use the sound mat to help? Could they use it independently?


Fine Motor Skills: 

Challenge: Scissor Skills.

Cut out your new pet fish! Your grown-up can draw a line around your drawing for you to follow; remember to leave some room for error!



Please read with your child every day!


We have set up an Oxford Owl E-Book Account for our class- please find the login details and information letter for Oxford Owl in the email sent on Sunday evening. You have been sent your child's group name too.


Fish group: Phase 2 Set 1- Little Blending Book 1

Shark Group: Phase 2 Set 2- Little Blending Book 2

Dolphin Group: Phase 2 Set 3- Little Blending Book 3


Optional: Teach Your Monster to Read Game.

Our Log in link:



Please watch and complete Sessions 1 and 2 today. Both are short but should be completed with your child with some thinking time in between.


Please follow this link and watch Session 1: Taller and Shorter.

Session 1 Activity: Taller and Shorter Activity

You can use any kind of building blocks/ cubes you have at home for this activity.


Please follow this link and watch Session 2: Longer and Shorter.

Session 2 Activity: Longer and Shorter Activity

If you don't have access to playdough, you can use some string or ribbon. Let your child cut varying lengths with supervision.


Please upload 2 separate posts to EExAT for these 2 maths activities.


Afternoon Activities:

Under the Sea Detectives!

  • Watch Finding Nemo or Finding Dory with your grown-up. (Clips linked below if needed.)
  • Talk about the animals you see. What is your favourite sea creature?
  • Be a detective and do some research on your favourite under-the-sea animal. You can use books, internet search engines, or YouTube videos to find out about your chosen animal.
  • Tell, your grown-up 3 things you learnt about your animal. (Adult's please scribe what your child has found out in their exercise book.)


Under the Sea Play ideas:

  • Explore your chosen Sea Creature through role play. Pretend that you are that creature. How does it swim? What noises does it make? What Sea Creature could your grown-up be? What could you be doing?
  • If you have some sea creature bath toys or toy fish, make up a story with them when you have a bath or a shower or a sink wash tonight. What are the sea creatures doing? What is each sea creature called? How many arms and legs do they have? Do they have any fins or tails?

Tuesday 23rd Resources:

Finding Nemo (2003) - Best Moments

Shortened Version of the film 'Finding Nemo' (2003).

Under the Sea: Dances to get you moving!

Slippery Fish Dance- Lizzy's Storytime

A fun dance and song for learning about sea animals.
Slippery fish, slippery fish, sliding through the water. Slippery fish, slippery fish, gulp, gulp, gulp!

Under the Sea song for kids | English Song for children- Miss Linky

Learn about the animals that live in the sea with this fun and exciting action song. Stay active by following the dance steps and sing along with Miss Linky.


This is a fun Australian Under the Sea dance to burn off some energy and get your body moving! Did you know Nemo's reef is in Australia? It's called the Great Barrier Reef!