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A new project today Year 6....all about monsters!


World famous monster expert Professor Behemoth is putting together a Monsterology of different types of monsters and beasts. He has spent years researching all sorts of weird and wonderful monsters and has a wide variety for his encyclopedia. Your job, in this booklet, is to provide the professor with another entry for his book; you’ll have to use your imagination unless you have actually seen a monster! 


We are going to be writing an information text about a made-up monster or beast. Even though this is a non-fiction genre of writing, we can still be inventive and creative.

Have a look at the booklet here:

Today I would like you to read the model text about swamp monsters and have a listen to it being read. Then have a go at the following activities:

  • Activity 1 - a vocabulary activity
  • Activities 2 & 3 explain the pattern of the information text and the toolkit you will need to write your own - so read them carefully.
  • Activity 4 is all about the difference between formal and informal writing. Once you've read the sentences, have a go at re-writing each one the other way round - so that the formal become informal, and vice-versa.


A lesson in substitution today Year 6. Watch the video below, and then have a go at the work on a piece of paper or in your exercise book. Remember to mark it once you're finished.

Year 6 - Week 7 - Lesson 3 - Substitution

History - Windrush Day 2020

Another lesson about Windrush - and today we will be thinking about the arrival of the Empire Windrush. This ship arrived in Britain in 1948, carrying passengers from Commonwealth countries in the Caribbean coming to start a new life in Britain. Have a look at the PowerPoint - watching the videos that are on there.


There is an activity for you to do using part of the passenger list from the Empire Windrush - a valuable primary historical source. The answers are on the PowerPoint for you to check when you're finished. If you can't print - don't worry, you can still have a look at the list and the questions and tell someone the answers.


Your task then is a creative one - designing a commemorative stamp to celebrate the arrival of the Empire Windrush.