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The code today for SPAG and Reading on LBQ is:



So yesterday you should have drawn a picture of your new monster and labelled it with its interesting features and facts about it.


Today, I would like you to have a go at activities 8 and 9.


In activity 8, you will be creating a plan for your piece of writing. Have a look at the ideas for sections - remember, in your report you can change it up and choose your own if you prefer.


In activity 9, you will be talking through your ideas with a partner. This is an important step - don't skip it. Your partner (or someone at home) can help you think of anything you might have missed in your plan, so that you are ready and raring to go with your writing next week.


Problem solving today - hooray. The problems today are part of a BBC BItesize activity all about football. Have a look at the problems and see if you can work through them methodically. Remember to read the problems carefully first to work out what you need to do. Have a look at the BBC Bitesize page here:


A bit of science combined with music today. Have a look at this BBC Bitesize lesson about sound:

Have a look at the videos and activities explaining PITCH and VOLUME and then try the quizzes at the end of each section. You'll be learning all about sound waves and how they are different for different sounds. Once you have read all the information and watched the videos, there are 2 activities.


Activity 1 - Imagine you are a TV Presenter that needs to present a short segment to educate children on sound and the features of sound. See if you can use this planning sheet to explain what you would say to teach these children.

Activity 2 is a quiz to test whether you've been paying attention. Good luck!