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It's FRIDAY! Hoorah! Hope you've all had a good week Year 6, and enjoyed learning about the history of the Empire Windrush and the migration of people from the Caribbean. We'll be doing some more work about it next week.


Today's code for SPAG and reading on LBQ is:



A bit of a rest from memories today Year 6. I've listened to some of the ones from school already - and they're fantastic. If you're at home, and you haven't already, don't forget to email me your memory so that I can add it to the Leaver's video. My email address is:


Today, to make a change - we're going to have a look at an activity from Pobble. Here is a picture called 'Number 28'.

Here is a story starter which goes with the picture:

Thump…Thump…Thump…His footsteps thundered down the road, causing passers-by to stare in amazement, dogs to howl in back yards and alarmed old ladies to peer out of their bedroom windows wearing petrified looks on their faces.

His legs were as long as oak trees, his torso was as wide as a house and his fists were as heavy as tractors: this metallic monster meant business.

“Number 28 checking in. Over.” He spoke into the radio set, built in to his helmet.

His instructions crackled back through the earpiece. He knew what he had to do…


Have a go at these questions about the picture and the text.

  • Who/what is Number 28? What is his mission? Where has he come from? Who is he speaking to?
  • Do robots have feelings? Will there be robots around in the future?
  • If we all had a personal robot that belonged to us, would this be a good thing or a bad thing?
  • Does a robot need to eat food, or do they need fuel?
  • What is the difference between fuel and food?


Once you have finished that, see if you can have a go at writing the next chapter of the story.



It's Friday problem solving today Year 6. 10 tricky questions to get your brains working. Remember to think carefully about each step - and check your answers are sensible. 


A bit more from Be Awesome - Go Big to finish off the week today Year 6. Today, a lesson in an extremely important skill to develop: Bouncebackability


Yes I know, it's a strange word.... but it's something which will help you immensely as you move into Year 7. Resilience is one of our values at St Richard's, so you already know how important it is.


Have a look at the PowerPoint - taking time to read each slide carefully, and listen to the videos. And then have a go at the work. You will be thinking about times when you have shown 'bouncebackability' (and all of you have this year!) and also what working hard and being kind might look like for you.


Good luck!