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Today's code for SPAG and reading on LBQ is:



How did your monster report turn out? I hope you enjoyed writing it - and took pride in editing it and writing it up. Today we will be creating a map to show where your monster lives:


★ Step 1: draw the outline of your map  

★ Step 2: fill in the landmarks: trees, rivers, boulders, mountains, volcano, cities, sea, swamps

★ Step 3: make up names for the different areas of your map

★ Step 4: stain the map to make it look old by using a used (and cool) tea bag to turn the paper brown. You don’t need to get it that wet for it to change colour

★ Step 5: When it is dry, cut or rip the edges of the paper to make it look old and worn. A small hole in the middle of the map can look great

Once you have made your map, it is time to have a look at activity 12 - all about giving feedback. Look at the example paragraph, and have a go at correcting errors. Then use this critical skill to look at your own report.


We're moving on to a new topic today Year 6 - all about measurements. Today's video is about converting metric values. Watch it, then have a go at the work below.

Year 6 - Week 8 - Lesson 3 - Convert metric measures



Today's PSHE lesson is the last one from the 'Be awesome - Go big' topic. It's all about living well - how to look after yourself and stay healthy; both physically and emotionally.


Have a look at the PowerPoint, and then think about the activities in the workbook.