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Thursday 28th January


Divide by 10

Watch the video, pausing the clip to answer the questions in your books. Then, complete the question sheet below in your books.


Creative Writing

Using the image and the story starter below, complete the story.

You could think about


  • Who lives in the house in the distance?
  • Why is the train in such a hurry?
  • What will happen if she doesn’t reach her destination in time?
  • Who is driving the train?
  • What is the mysterious object hovering above the train?
  • How many faces can you see in the picture?
  • What do you think is on the other side of the tunnel?
  • The birds in the sky are seagulls. What does that tell you about where this story takes place?


Please remember to try to use adjectives, expanded noun phrases, adverbs, similes, onomatopoeia, amazing sentence starters, compound and complex sentences. You could also think about describing the weather, time of day and using the senses.



The train let out a short, sharp cry and a hiss of steam as it thundered across the track.

Midnight: an unusual time for the little, green engine named ‘Velocidad’ to be out. Tonight, however, she was carrying an important message. The Velocidad had been chosen because she was the fastest of all the steam engines in town, and it was vital that she made great haste.

More coal was thrown on the roaring fire, and the little train reached maximum speed…


This week's challenge from the Danny.

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