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Today's code for SPAG and reading on LBQ is:


To help practise your Maths from yesterday - multiplying decimals by whole numbers - there is also a Maths task today. Good luck!


Today we will be thinking about what other, rare, undiscovered creatures we could write about. The first thing we need to do is create our animal. You could choose to either design your own animal - or to use this fantastic website: 

Once you have designed your new creature (don't forget to think about whether it will survive - using what you learned from the science game), you need to complete your plan for your writing. Have a look at the headings on page 22, and make some notes about your new creature.


What do you think of mine? It has the head of a wolf, the body of a spider monkey, the legs and wings of a Barn Owl and the tail pf the Jaguar. I call it the Wolfkeyowlguar!


Have a look at the White Rose video below. Then have a go at the work which goes with oit. You can mark your work once you're done using the answer sheet.

Year 6 - Week 5 - Lesson 3 - Divide decimals by integers


Another activity from the virtual Jamboree this afternoon Year 6. This time, themed around electricity. First let’s do some basic experiments with static electricity. You can do all these very simply at home or school. All you need is a balloon!

Bright Sparks

The East Kent Science Jamboree 2020

So, all that was fun but simple and easy. Now to the Van Der Graaff generator. This year we feature Mr Ian B. Dunne and his company Do Science Ltd. Ian presented the Jamboree show in 2006 and 2017. He was booked to present one this year. Often known as ‘The Professor’, Ian is a great showman as you’ll see. Here he is in 2006 demonstrating electrical charges.

Now have a look at these amazing demos using the Van de Graaf generator!