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The Explorer- Part 2

1. (Inference) Why does Con tell Fred that she hopes he chokes on his bird?

2. Why don’t they take Max to look behind the vines?

3. Why do none of the children speak at the end? 

4. (Explain) What effect does it have on the reader, to keep what is behind the vines a secret? 

5. (Retrieve) What does the explorer threaten to do when the children try to investigate the vines?



Have a go at TTRS and get your Times Tables knowledge up to scratch! The battle is still on, who will win: Team Amazing or Team Brilliant? 



English Zoom- 10am


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Today we will be learning about fronted adverbials. After the zoom lesson, please complete the sheet below. I will be looking for correct spelling throughout alongside fantastic handwriting. 



I know many people fell behind a little bit last week. If you did not finish Thursday's Maths, you can do that today. We will be looking at dividing 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers. I will attach an extension sheet below for you to practice this skill if you did complete it. 


If you find this easy, have a go at the mastery questions. You can find these by clicking here. 


Check your answers for the mastery questions by clicking here. 

The answers are at the end of the document, please don't look at them until you have answered the questions!

Worship Assembly- 11:45am


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The password has been emailed to parents




The Ten Commandments

Afternoon Zoom- 2:45 pm


Meeting Code: 724 757 6561