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Good morning everyone - I hope you all had a good day yesterday. It was so lovely to see all of you on Zoom - thank you to those who sent me their work yesterday. Please make sure you send me an email at the end of the day so that I can see your amazing work. Send it to


Today's timetable looks like this:


In this lesson, we will learn key strategies for answering retrieval and inference questions and apply these to answer questions about the poem.


Watch the video - and follow the instructions the teacher gives you. Pause the video to do the activities and then complete the independent work as you go through the lesson.


Please answer the questions in your book using full sentences.


Check out Jeromi's amazing glossary - to help you with understanding the poem.


Write today's short date (24/02) in your book and have a go at today's arithmetic:

Watch the White Rose video - you can pause it as you are watching to have a go at joining in with the activities. When you get to the end, have a go at the work in your home learning book. You will need to have the worksheet open on a device in front of you and then do your working out and answering in the book. Once you have completed the task, you can use the answer sheet to mark your work before an adult emails me a picture of it. Good luck - and remember to email me if you have any questions.


Some of these questions are about shading in hundred squares - if you cannot print, PLEASE DO NOT TRY AND DRAW THEM! It will take you ages - and it's hard to do! Just answer the questions showing you understand the equivalences e.g. 40/100 = 40%

Spr6.3.4 - Fractions to percentages


Have a go at answering these questions in your book:


Log on to LBQ and have a go at the comprehension exercise. The code today is:

Remember to use your full name (including surname) and your own chosen passcode to log in.

Afternoon lesson - Geography

Today, our learning will be to to understand the different types of energy available, and their advantages and disadvantages. We will be trying to answer the question:

Where does our energy come from?

Think about the ways that you have used energy today. How many can you think of? Here are some examples:

How many different types of energy have you used? Electricity, Gas, Battery power?


Energy sources can be placed into two categories: renewable sources and non-renewable sources. Have a look at the BBC Bitesize website all about these different energy sources.

Why might it be important to consider using renewable energy sources? Look at this video about the carbon cycle.

The Carbon Cycle,Carbon Dioxide -Cycle ( CO2 )

Your task:

Choose two energy sources from the following list:


  • wind power
  • biomass
  • wave energy
  • geothermal energy
  • hydroelectricity
  • tidal energy
  • solar energy
  • fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal)


Research your chosen energy sources and create a poster explaining what they are, and the advantages and disadvantages of their usage. You can present your information in any format you choose - using pencil and paper, computer for a poster or a PowerPoint presentation.