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Term 3

We are Romans! 


This term we are learning all about the Romans. We will be discovering the Roman impact on the Britain and the world. This will involve learning about the rise of the Roman empire, when and why they invaded Britain and what we still see and use today that the Romans brought to Britain. We will also be designing and making our own Roman shields, exploring what life is like as a Roman soldier and reenacting Roman stories and scenarios. 


We will be exploring, talking about, testing and developing ideas about Light and Shadows. We will be working scientifically by exploring dark dens and discussing their observations as well as looking for patterns in what happens to shadows when the light source moves or the distance between the light source and the object changes. We will learn that light from the sun can be dangerous and test their ideas to protect their eyes. 


Additionally, this term we will be outside a lot as we are completing our term of Forest School. We will be understand the safety and care of camp fires, making fires, roasting marsh mellows, learning about how we look after nature, naming and finding animals/insects, building dens and making bird feeders to name a few. In PE this term, we will be understand strategy and movement in football, as well as continuing to improve our skill is passing and receiving the ball with our feel. 



Forest School - Insects and creating art using nature

Forest School / 10:10 - Building Dens

Designing and Painting Roman Shileds

Roman Soldier Training, Completed Shields and the Testudo Formation