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Hello you lovely lot! 


I am stuck at home, and for some reason cannot save the picture of the timetable, so here is today's agenda below!


9 am- Mrs. Martin Science lesson via Zoom

10 am- Miss. Brown reading zoom

10:30 am- Break

10:45 am- Reading

11:10 am- Celebration Assembly

11:30 am- English (You might need to continue this after lunch)

12:15 pm- Lunch

1:15 pm- Afternoon Lesson

2:45 pm- Miss Brown zoom 

Science with Mrs. Martin- 9am


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This term our science topic is Living things


Science Lesson 2 PowerPoint - Pollination


L.O. To know plant reproduction can occur through pollination, usually involving wind or insects.

L.O. I can report on my findings using scientific vocabulary.



Zoom meeting with Miss Brown- 10 am


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Monkeys and Bees- Continued

1. (Vocabulary) What does tenacious mean? 

2. (Explain) Explain why Katherine Rundell has chosen to use an X on the map, instead of just telling the reader what is there.

3. (Retrieval) What does Fred find by the beehive?

4. How does Fred mark the map?

5. (Predict) What do you think the X will be? 

Celebration Assembly with Miss Kleinman- 11:10 am


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Click here to access today's English Lesson. We are continuing to answer language questions. 

Afternoon Lesson- Geography


Click here to access the Geography lesson. 


We will be looking at the physical features in South America!

Afternoon Zoom Lesson- 2:45 pm


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