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Good morning Year 6 - and happy Wednesday! I hope you all had a good day yesterday. We're halfway through the week, so well done for all your hard work so far! Keep it up - we're nearly there. We had a snowman competition yesterday at school - this was Year 6's effort. Unfortunately, we didn't win.... but we had some fun in the snow - and hope you did too!


Today's timetable looks like this:

These are suggested times (apart from the Zoom lessons), so fit your learning in when works best for you and your family.


In this lesson, we will start off by looking at two sentences and exploring whether they make sense grammatically. Then we will recap on the layout of biographies by looking at a modelled text about Jane Goodall. After that, we will recap our planning from the previous lesson and introduce the success criteria. The first three paragraphs of the biography will be modelled in the shared write part of the lesson. Straight after each shared write paragraph, you will have the opportunity to write your own paragraph.

Watch the video - and follow the instructions the teacher gives you. Pause the video to do the activities and t complete the independent work as you work through the lesson.


Write today's short date (10/02) in your home learning book and have a go at these arithmetic questions:

A few of you have emailed me to say that you really enjoyed playing the maths game we did for our arithmetic work last Friday. As we have finished our decimals and fractions work and are 3 days away from half term, I shall set puzzles, investigations and games for Maths work for the next few days. 


Today, have another look at the BBC BItesize game: Defenders of Mathematica

I would like you to spend 30-40 minutes playing to try and use a range of your maths skills. In particular, I would like you to visit:


  • the Palace of Place Value
  • addition and subtraction Shire
  • the mysterious mountains of multiplication
  • the dark tower of division
  • the forest of fractions and decimals


Log on to spelling shed and spend some time practising our spellings from this week - Adding suffixes beginning with vowel letter to words ending in -fer


Log on to LBQ and have a go at the comprehension exercise. The code today is:

Remember to use your full name (including surname) and your own chosen passcode to log in

Afternoon lesson - RE

LEARNING FOCUS 5: Prayer for peace and unity and Sign of Peace


After the Our Father, and before the Christian family receive Jesus in communion, everyone prays for peace and unity:




Priest: Deliver us, Lord, we pray, from every evil,

Graciously grant peace in our days,

That by the help of your mercy,

We may be free from sin

And safe from all distress, as we await the blessed hope

and the coming of Our Saviour, Jesus Christ.


All: For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours now and forever.


Priest: Lord Jesus Christ,

Who said to your Apostles:

Peace I leave you, my peace I give you,

Look not on our sins,

But on the faith of your Church,

And graciously grant her peace

and unity in accordance with your will.

Who live and reign for ever and ever.


All: Amen.


The first part of the prayer is asking that God’s peace might help us to be free from anything which may cause worry or distress.  The second paragraph reminds us that Jesus gave us peace and asks Jesus not to consider our sins but the goodness and faith of everyone, the Church. 


Then the priest says, “Peace be with you,” and invites everyone to share the sign of peace.  The people then greet one another as friends of Jesus.  They say to one another, “Peace be with you”, “The peace of Christ” or just “Peace” as they make a gesture of friendship e.g. shaking hands.  They are sharing with one another the gift of peace and unity which Jesus gave to his followers.  They are using the words with which Jesus greeted his friends after the Resurrection, ‘Peace be with you’.


Have a look at this video to remind yourself about what the Rite of Peace looks like in church:

The Mass: XIII - Liturgy of the Eucharist - Rite of Peace

Key questions

Answer these 2 questions in your book:

  1. How do you think this prayer might reassure Christians?
  2. Why do you think the prayer for peace and the Sign of Peace come before Communion? (Re-watch the video if you're not sure - the Priest does a good job of explaining the answer to this one)


Your Task

Compose a prayer for peace and unity making links to what you have learned so far. Here is an example of a prayer for peace and unity in the world:


Dear Father of all,

Help us to see the world through your eyes, without dividing lines,

To see just land and water, mountains, trees and skies.

Help us to lay aside our class and skin, our background and race,

To know our shared humanity, to see a brother or sister in every face.


Help us to wear forgiveness, to lay down our pride and pain,

To seek first to understand, Lord may peace and reconciliation reign.

Help us to feel your compassion so we can freely forgive.

May we weave new threads of grace and cause seeds of hope to live.


Help us to play our own small part, with acts of kindness and of care.

May we arise as your children and seek out what is justice and fair.

Cause us to make new bonds of trust with neighbours near and far,

And so to fashion a world where peace comes to Earth in this hour.

(Prayer for peace by Julie Palmer copyright © 2019)