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Maths Fractions 1 From before half term

Maths - Following White Rose Maths 


Watch the learning video, please pause, play and repeat the video to support understanding. There will be a worksheet and answers which are downloadable below. If you have a printer, you can print the worksheet out. If you do not have a printer, you can do the work on paper. 


Do not worry if you find this tricky- you're supposed to find it tricky, that's how we know we are learning. Here are some tips on what to do if you get stuck:

- Use BBC Bitesize website

- Email me

- Ask Mum, Dad or any older siblings you have

- Relax and try your best


If you find it too tricky and you get into a bit of a pickle, do some different maths: you could use MyMaths, Purple Mash or TTRS. 

Step 1 - Unit and non-unit fractions

Lesson 1 - To understand what a unit and non-unit fractions is.

Worksheet is below, named as Work 1 and the answers are named Answer 1

Step 2 - Making the whole

Lesson 2
Work 2 below with Answers 2

Step 3 - Tenths

Lesson 3
Work 3 with Answers 3 below

Step 4 - Count in tenths

Lesson 4
Work 4 with Answers 4 below

Step 5 - Tenths as decimals

Lesson 5
Work 5 with Answers 5 below