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Tuesday 12th January

9am - 9:10am - Arithmetic 


Complete the following questions into your book. 


Put the following numbers in ascending order:


1) 564, 543, 433, 654, 551

2) 843, 732, 908, 543, 1001

3) 50cm, 510mm, 5m 

4) 3km, 400m, half a km 


Answer these questions: 

5) 5656 + 4344 = 

6) 783 = 544 + ? 

7) 900 = ?  +  ?

9:10 - 9:55am - Multiply by 1 and 0

10am English Zoom PowerPoint

Morning Zoom - 10am 

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11:00 - 11:30am - English Task 


Complete the sheet below by writing/copying the sentences into your books. 



English Extra Challenge!


Write an 'ideal' shopping list for your parents with using different determiners. Remember you are in charge of the shopping list - think carefully about the determiners you use for example: 


A lot of cabbage

A sweet 

My special cereal 


Use the sheet below for extra help: 

1:30pm - 2:15pm: Science Work


1.30 pm Join Mrs Martin for a science Zoom lesson.

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Today we are beginning to learn about sound. What is sound? How are sounds made?

Science Lesson 1 PowerPoint below


We will discuss the attached PowerPoint during our zoom session. 

Key Vocabulary: Sound, source, vibrate, vibration,

Activity The main activity to be completed is on the PowerPoint slide 13



Please take a photo of your work and email it to Mr Annakie who will forward it to me. It’s important I keep a record of all your hard work as it helps me to know how you are getting on.


L.O. To be able to identify sound sources.

L.O. To be able to explain that sounds are produced by the vibration of the object.



Extra Activities​

·         Sound walk – if you go on a walk in your local area for your daily exercise during lockdown - listen very carefully to all the different sounds you can hear. What is your favourite sound source and how was it made?

·         Stand silently in your garden or by a window for five minutes and note the sounds you hear. I find it easier to focus on sounds if I close my eyes. What sounds could you hear and what was vibrating to make the sound?

·         Watch a science lesson – What is sound?

1:30pm - 2:15pm Science Zoom Lesson PowerPoint

Afternoon Zoom - Mr Annakie - 2:45pm

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